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Block Machines

The QT 3-15 Block Machine is a completely automatic PLC-controlled concrete block manufacturing facility. The hydraulic press pressure and vibration produced by the excellent hydro-vibro technology it uses to make fly ash and concrete blocks and bricks result in a higher compaction of the raw materials. In order to produce Solid Concrete Blocks, Fly Ash Brick, Paver Blocks, Hollow Concrete Blocks, Kerbstones, and many other types of blocks, the machine aids in the changing of the mould. The QT 3-15 Block Machine is available in a wide range of models, features, and types.
Our business offers the manual QT 3-30 Block Machine, the highest-quality block production machine. The suggested machine can make solid concrete blocks, hollow concrete blocks, fly ash brick, kerbstones, and other items in a variety of sizes by altering the mould. The QT 3-30 Block Machine uses hydro-vibro technology, which combines hydraulic press pressure with vibration to further compact raw materials for the manufacturing of fly ash, concrete, and other end products.